Message from the President

We are refining our ability to
respond to customers and
contribute to the development
of the industrial world.

The environment surrounding the industrial world is constantly changing. Ever since Nukabe was founded in 1945, the company has taken steady steps to respond to these changes. Today, in addition to the automobile industry—which is approaching a major turning point—we are expanding our business into the construction-machine and electronic-component industries.

In particular, we have focused on increasing the sophistication of our machine-processing technology. We have taken on the challenge not only of higher-precision manufacturing but also of developing technology to process a wide variety of products. As a result, we have established a production system regarded as a department-store-style line-up.

In addition, we started taking steps to globalize our production early on. Following the establishment of a Nukabe affiliate in Hong Kong in 1987, we established production bases in the USA, China, and Mexico as well. This has enabled us to more effectively respond to the local production needs of customers expanding overseas.

One of Nukabe’s strengths as an independent supplier that is not bound by affiliated companies is the ability to more easily respond to customers as their first point of contact. And the key to Nukabe’s ability to respond is its human resources. We will continue to focus on developing our human resources in order to refine our ability to respond to an even wider variety of needs and contribute to the development of the industrial world.

President Keitaro Nishida