NUKABE’s manufacturing network
allows products to be manufactured
in the most suitable region.

Crossing national borders and traditional corporate alliances, the automotive industry is characterized by consolidation and reorganization on a global scale. As a result, Nukabe has been building its manufacturing network with an information network, a worldwide delivery system, a regionally flexible manufacturing ability, and creation of a consolidated database for product development.

Overseas, our global network was strengthened through the establishment of Hong Kong Nukabe Co., Ltd. in 1987, Mattoon Precision Manufacturing Inc. in the U.S., Zhuhai Free Trade Zone Nukabe Co., Ltd. in China, and Nukabe Mexicana S.A. DE C.V. in 2014, This global manufacturing network built across Japan, U.S., China and Mexico enables us to manufacture products in the most suitable region to meet diversified needs.

Based on this network, Nukabe aims to meet market demands that require an increasingly higher level in all aspects of QCD.

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