Based on our comprehensive technical
expertise, we have built a unique
manufacturing system that covers
quality, cost, and delivery.

Nukabe’s motto is to offer products that deliver customer satisfaction in all areas including quality, cost, and delivery. Nukabe uses technology accumulated since it was established to strengthen its production facilities. One example is the strategy taken to deal with increasing cost competition due to globalization. We have met customer needs by sharply raising production efficiency with the introduction of robotically automated production lines and with the adoption of FMS for flexible production. We are meeting demands for sub-micron-level requirements, with the introduction of ultra-fine processing machines such as precision grinding machines and super finishing machines.

Nukabe is at an advantage as it not only utilizes standard machine tools, but we also design and build dedicated machines to meet special product needs. We combine these common and specialized machines to build unique manufacturing systems, and we are able to manufacture high precision, low-cost products unequalled by others.

Main facilities

設備名 台数 設備メーカー
CNC Lathe 312 ミヤノ、曙、滝澤、高松、森精機、オークマ
Machining Center 299 ジェイテクト、森精機、OKUMA、TAKIZAWA、オークマ、日立精機、ファナック、ブラザー、TOYOSK
Griding machine 92 大宮製作所、太陽、岡本、TSUGAMI、TOYODA、TOYOエイテック、STUDER
Broaching machine 7 ナチ、タイガー
Hobbing machine 9 Gleason、PFAUTER、カシフジ、三菱
Rolling machine 6 ツガミ、ニッセイ
Multi axis robot 153 ファナック、安川電機
Others 47
Total 925

Main measuring machine

設備名 台数 設備メーカー
Coordinate measuring machine 7 東京精密、ミツトヨ
Profile measuring machine 6 東京精密、小坂研究所
Roundness measuring machine 5 東京精密、小坂研究所
Roughness measuring machine 6 東京精密、ミツトヨ
Optical comparator 7 ミツトヨ ニコン
Hardness tester 3 AKASHI
Gear testing machine 2 大阪精密
Total 36